We all know about Chatroulette at this point (and if you don’t, just click the link), well did you know there’s a version with 100% MORE penis?  I know, it’s hard to believe (if you’ve ever been to Chatroulette you know why), but it’s true.  Manroulette.com has the exact same set-up, but catered to gay men.  It makes me wonder, since this now exists, do you think maybe we’ll see less people getting their tug on Chatroulette?

My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check it out for myself.  Sure enough, it was pretty much penis after penis.  There were a few guys that were just sitting on chatting, but they wouldn’t let me get in a word before “nexting” me (probably because I didn’t turn my camera on).  However, I DID come across someone pretty chatty.  Well, it wasn’t a someone as much a someTHING.  Someone had their camera zoomed in to the crotch of their jeans.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to get a screen cap, but I DID copy the conversation.   Enjoy!

You: Why hello there, pants!
Stranger: hello there dark screen
Stranger: haven’t seen you in a while
You: Didja miss me?
Stranger: of course i did
Stranger: most desparately
You: I missed you too.
Stranger: awww
You: Your fly is looking mighty fine today.
Stranger: you look good
You: Why thank you!
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: i just zipped it
You: Oh how nice!
Stranger: nods
You: I’m sure that took a lot of work.
Stranger: i’m exhausted dear
Stranger: someone else will have to unzip me, i’m too beat
You: Oh that’s quite a shame.
Stranger: why is that?
You: Being a black screen, I have no hands.
Stranger: or you have black hands
Stranger: who really knows
You: Yeah, it’s a secret to everyone.
Stranger: ah, sweet mystery of life at last i’ve found you…
You: Let me hold you in my nonexistant arms!
Stranger: why blackscreen, how forward!
Stranger: what kind of pair of pants do you think i am!!
You: It’s the crease in your leg.  I can hardly contain myself!
You: <3<3<3<3
Stranger: marry me
You: Oh pants, I…I thought you’d never ask!
Stranger: i want a big wedding
Stranger: with all our pants and screens there
You: Some of my screen friends are…blue.   Is that ok?
Stranger: i heart diversity
Stranger: some of my pants are……shorts
You: Oh wow.  How progressive of you!
Stranger: i’m glad you appreciate me
Stranger: when we are married, will we play with others?
You: I dunno…I’m normally a one pants kind of screen.
Stranger: i like many screens
Stranger: all shapes and sizes
Stranger: but i will love only blackscreen
You: I would try anything at least once for you, pants.
Stranger: you are the best
Stranger: better than all the rest
You: You bring out the best in me, pants.
Stranger: my pants never fit a screen better
You: And I’ve never tried on a pair quite like you.
Stranger: serendipity
You: If a black screen loving pants is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
Stranger: blackscreen you belong to me
You: I will never leave your belt loop.
Stranger: you are the screen beneath my pants