Originally posted Friday, June 29, 2007

*clears throat* Yeah, I’m still sick.  Luckily, I am getting better (albeit slowly).  I’m hoping to feel fan-fucking-tastic by Saturday, as I have an interview.  Well, it’s not so much an interview as much as it is an audition.  Well it’s not an audition as much it is me trying to be an extra in a movie.  Hm….roundabout way to get to the point there.

Anyway, they’re holding auditions for extras at a local college for some Jessica Simpson movie.  I’m kind of torn right now.  On the one hand, I think it would be cool to be in a movie.  And I could really use fifty bucks a day (or whatever they pay).  On the other hand, I fucking hate Jessica Simpson.  Well, that’s not fair.  I just hate the idea of Jessica Simpson.  She’s one of these actresses that if you see she’s in a movie you say “Oh, Jessica Simpson’s in it?  I’ll pass.”  In fact, the only movie I think I’ve seen of hers was Employee of the Month.  It was mediocre (even the unfunny Dane Cook couldn’t save it!).  I have a feeling that even if I’m in this movie, I still won’t go see it, or encourage others to.  Hell, I’ll probably encourage people not to go see it, just on general principle.

You know, I really hope the audition people don’t check MySpace pages, or I’m fucked.  If that’s the case….I LOVE Jessica Simpson!  I have all her CD’s!  I’ve bought SO many cases of Proactive Solution!  Dukes of Hazard was the best movie ever!

I’m going to go shoot myself now…

I obviously never shot myself, and they obviously DO check Myspace pages, as I never got a call back from them.  Well, not about THAT movie.  More on that in a later retro blog.