Originally posted Tuesday, April 24, 2007.

To clarify a couple of things in this blog:  My mom was in the hospital sick, and I stayed with her for a while.  I tried to blog from a borrowed PSP, but it didn’t work out so well.  When I got home, I had a couple of days worth of stuff to talk about, so I threw it all out at once.

Alright, I’m finally home.  Now, I realized it’s been several days since I blogged, so I thought I’d wrap up this weekend with a full page mega-blog extravaganza!  Or not, whatever…

So, my mom has been in the hospital since Friday.  She went in because she was having really bad chest pains, and when she had X-rays done, the doctor couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong.  Well, after checking into the hospital, they did an x-ray every day until they found out what the problem was: pneumonia.  Which, that doesn’t make any sense, my mom hasn’t been playing in the rain or anything!

I’m glad that she’s finally home, mainly because I’m finally home (having my mom feel better is nice too, I guess).  I had no idea how much I missed my shitty shitty house until I was torn away from it for three days straight.

Something a few people know about:  I don’t have a bed in my room.  I used to have a twin bed, but I took it out because it took up too much space.  Instead, I have the back seat from our old mini-van (RIP) propped against a wall, with a rolling chair making up the foot of it.  Now, whenever someone sees this for the first time, they normally freak out.  “How do you sleep on that?  That’s not a bed!  That’s not even a couch!  I have crabs!”  OK, maybe they don’t say ALL of that, but you get the idea.  Well, that setup works for me VERY well.  I’m not sure if it was the shock of a real bed, or the lack of a decent pillow, but I’ve gotten maybe 10 hours of good sleep in the last four days (having nurses in and out constantly didn’t help either).  When we finally came home today, I had to run to the pharmacy for my mom, but I had a little time to shower and stuff.  Well, I decided to sit in my “bed” for a minute to unwind.  I was asleep almost instantly.  It was like being wrapped up in the arms of an old friend after years of missing them.  *sniff*

As you could probably tell from my last blog, I bummed a PSP to take with me to the hospital.  I figured they had a wi-fi connection, and I could use it to keep up with my messages and stuff.  They had a wi-fi connection, but they also had a really fucking annoying firewall.  I swear, I would log in to Myspace, then get a message saying “You must be logged in to do that!”  Within a thirty minute span, I would maybe be able to log in, check my messages, try to reply to one, get kicked out, then have to try to log in again.  I was so happy to be reunited with my shitty dial-up.  At least it lets me go to 4chan…

I started watching the show Drive on FOX.  Now, I hate all things car related, but something about it caught my interest (mainly the guy from Slither being in it).  I actually like it, because it’s not just an hour of watching cars being driven (I hate you so much NASCAR), but it focuses on the characters.  Granted, it’s not as deep as Lost or Heroes, but it’s something to watch until the latter comes on…

Speaking of Heroes, it finally started back up.  Geez, between reading TV Guide and seeing the commercials for it, I barely feel like I have to watch the next few episodes (and there’s only 4 left).  I’m a little disappointed/glad my theory didn’t pan out.  After Sylar killed Peter, I assumed Linderman would have to be the one to heal him (which would make sense, he could use it to control Nathan), but Claire was the one to do it.  That’s cool I guess, the girl has been through some serious mind-fucks so I guess she needs the chance to save someone, or whatever.  Also, Linderman “kidnapped” Micah.  With Micah’s powers over machines I can’t but think “doomsday weapon.”  I think that would be kind of cool, having Linderman become the mad scientist type, but I really don’t see it happening.  Now, the season finale is coming soon.  I really wish they could wrap up the story this season, and start the next one with new characters (I just think it would be nice and comic bookish, branching out past New York), but it seems that this season will end on a cliffhanger.  My money’s on Peter and Sylar fusing into one being and blowing up New York…

So I had my interview at the other call center.  It went very well.  It seems like one of those places where they hire anyone. I only say this because the place was larger than a mall, had twice the parking, and I still couldn’t find a parking place.  I was starting to get real excited about this job, mainly because an old college friend was talking about working there too and getting an apartment with me.  Today he called and said that he didn’t really feel like moving…*sigh*  Anyone in the area need a roommate?

It’s weird, normally I rotate out my CD’s pretty well, but I’ve been listening to the same Rise Against CD in my car for the past week now.  I don’t know why I like this band so much.  There’s just something about the lyrics that I really relate to *insert random punk musings about not wanting to be a corporate drone here*.  The fact that they sound like Social Distortion and AFI got together, had hot punk sex, than birthed this band doesn’t hurt either.

Well, I’m out of things to write about, so in order to try to fill up a page, here’s some yaoi fanfic:

He was Kira.  After seeing his last attempt at murder with the murder notebook, L new Light Yagami was the murderer that had plagued the Japanese police for a year.  However something wasn’t right, he could see it in his eyes.  First, it seemed like Light was thrilled at the thought of vanquishing his foe, then almost instantaneously, his expression changed to a deep regret.  Taking advantage of the situation, L slapped handcuffs on his and Lights wrists then ran toward an adjunct room.  Before the rest of the police force could react, L had thrown Light into the room and quickly locked the door.  Light, finally realizing what was going on, threw L to the floor.  “Ryuzaki?  What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  Light asked.  “You’re Kira,” was L’s reply.  “What?  How did-”  “I saw you, writing in that piece of paper before the Yotsuba group died.”  Light was speechless.  “I also….I also saw you write my name.  Light, why haven’t I died yet?”   “I-I…”  Light pulls out a piece of paper showing the first part of L/Ryuzaki’s real name.  “I couldn’t do it.”  “For so long, you’ve been my adversary.  I dreamed of nothing more than killing you, but…”  “But what?”  L asks.  “But I met you…There’s something there, I’m not sure what it is, but…”  “I think I know,” L says “I’ve felt the same.”  “What is it?”  Light asks.  “For so long, I saw Kira as this evil entity that must be stopped in the name of justice, but then I met him…I met you…Now I can’t…I just.”  Suddenly, Light pulls L closer to him.  “You can’t what?”  Before L can answer, Light puts his hands on L’s cheeks and begins to kiss him.  L grabs Light, and rolls himself on top of him.  He takes his shirt off and then they got in one little fight, and my mom got scared.  She said “You’re moving in with you’re auntie and uncle in Bel-Air!”