Blogging at the last hour of work is a great way to kill time while I wait on my relief. I’m pretty happy with the blogs that have come out of this too.

So, Krissy’s hanging out here for a bit. We’re gonna hit up a local IHOP right after I get off. I think she has a bit of an ulterior motive though. It’s really quiet here, so she has the perfect opportunity to write up a storm. Hey, if it gets the people more gay romance, more power to her.

She showed up wearing a shirt with the Orange Lantern logo on it. I’m a bit jealous, but I’m sure it’ll subside once I get my Larfleeze action figure. (I’m still waiting on a plushie version, DC. He’s just so huggable!)

I think it would be awesome if Larfleeze got amnesia after Blackest Night and found himself living with a family. He’d get in all kinds of wacky mis-adventures! And he’d try to eat their cat alot.

I think after IHOP today I’m gonna go home and do as little as possible. I’d like to go out, but after this week I’ve been friggin’ wiped. It’ll probably be a good chance to return a phone call or two (You know who you are) AND play the new DLC for Resident Evil 5.

I already tried some of the new content for RE5, but I didn’t get too far into it (partly because I died, and partly because I had to get ready for work). It’s a shame you can’t save in the middle of it, but I’m not sure how short it is anyway. The campaign itself is really neat. It’s a huge throwback to the original game (I know it’s not the SAME mansion, but it’s close). One of the first things Chris says once you get inside is “What is it with this guy and cranks?” I was never a big fan of the series until RE4, but I still appreciated the fanservice.

Naturally, I have no idea what to get at IHOP. The new strawberry cheesecake pancakes look delicious, but I think I want something extra. But I always regret getting eggs…so I have no friggin’ clue. Can you get french fries with pancakes now? Is that a thing yet?

Just got back. IHOP was well worth it. I ended up getting the strawberry cheesecake pancakes after all.

It was almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.