There’s this guy that’s been checked into the motel for awhile. He comes by real sweaty every morning after working out in our mini-gym. He makes me want to do naughty things…like pull all the fire alarms or stay out past curfew.

I just watched the guy walk around the lobby for a minute (because I’m sad and lonely, natch). He sat down at one of the computers for a little bit before grabbing something from the breakfast and sitting back down at another table. I glance back over a minute later and he’s deep-throating a banana. I think God hates me.

Work’s been super busy lately. I dunno what it is about February, but we’ve been sold out almost every night. I’m pretty wiped from it, and sadly it’s a great motivator to not write anything (as you can tell from my lack of blogging lately).

The one thing I love about the new (non-Myspace) blog is that I can tell how many hits I get per day. I can also tell exactly how people found the blog. Surprisingly, I get the most from when I link to it on Myspace. I find this fascinating.

Yesterday’s blog was written in my work e-mail while I waited on my relief to show up (I then sent it to my home e-mail and copy/pasted it). This one is also written the same way.

Another cute (yet slightly douchebaggish) guy just passed me by. He’s a regular too, but I don’t think he likes me that much. He never makes eye contact or anything when he sees me. The group he’s with (all in the same business) are all much nicer.

Sometimes I see people write about plays and other artsy things they go to on Myspace or Facebook. It sounds pretty fun, but I’ve never really done anything like it myself. They never invite me either.

I think I stole that last bit from Strong Sad.

HOLY SHIT sweaty cute guy came and talked to me. We actually carried on a pleasant little conversation! Doesn’t he know how this normally works?