That’s right, boys and girls.  V-Day is upon us.  That special day that comes every year where we treat old people like they actually matter.  We also barbecue.  Oh, it’s VALENTINE’S Day?  That’s almost as good.

What does everyone else have planned?  I’m not doing anything but sleeping and working (Why do I always find myself working when the general public is out for some big event?).  However, I DO intend to take advantage of this soulless corporate invention holiday.   Tomorrow night, I intend to hit up my local Wal-Mart around midnight and stock up on super cheap heart shaped chocolate candy.

Because as we all know…most chocolate candy automatically tastes better when it’s in a shape that isn’t the default shape.  Don’t believe me?  Eat a Reese’s cup, then eat a Reese’s HEART.  Shit will amaze you.