Originally posted Friday, February 02, 2007

Has anyone noticed the banner ads for Gametap?  It’s one of those game-downloading services.  They say something to the effect of “Get some of the greatest games ever made.”  I was glancing at the list while I waited on my page to load.  One of the games listed was Hydro Thunder.  Hydro Fucking Thunder.  They cannot be serious.  I can swear I’ve seen that game in the 99cent Dreamcast bin at various video game stores.  And as we all know, any Dreamcast game that’s not a fighting game sucks.  It’s a rule.  I can see the ads for this shitty game now.  “You’ll think, ‘I can’t believe it’s not Wave Race!'”  How anyone can say this deserves to be compared to games like Asteroids and Sonic is beyond me.

…Is Gametap even still around anymore?