Originally posted Saturday, January 27, 2007

I was talking to some friends about upcoming superhero movies (mostly Spider-Man 3).  Eventually, we got to Batman Agains (as I like to call it), and how Heath Ledger shouldn’t be the Joker.  But it got me thinking, you know who should play Batman in the next movie?  Gary Busey.  I shit you not.  Take a look at the charater of Batman, who in their right mind goes up against homicidal maniacs like the Joker with nothing more than a cape and grappling hook?  The answer, NOONE in their right mind would do such a thing.  Batman is bat-shit crazy.  He has the obvious emotional trauma from his parents murder.  He has serious lacking in social skills (due to his years spent training away from normal people).  The man is even so paranoid, he keeps kryptonite handy in case Superman snaps.  Seriously, who better to play this collection of neurosis than Gary “Restraining Order” Busey?

Read after the break for an update.

Obviously, I was referring to “The Dark Knight” as Batman Agains there.  It was hilarious at the time, I swear.

Ok, Heath Ledger proved me wrong, but I STILL want to see Gary Busey play Batman if they ever do “Dark Knight Returns.”  Who would play an old version of the Joker, though?  This should be pretty obvious, but they would have to go with Mark Hamill.   He’s already done the voice work in the cartoons AND the games.  Plus, he could easily pull off the look with enough makeup.

And I don’t know why we were talking about Spider-Man 3.  That movie should never be mentioned again.