You just lost the game.

So, Lost (finally) came back on tonight.  It was awesome and if you missed it, that really sucks for you.  Especially since I’m about to spoil everything about it here.  Well, not HERE, but after the jump.

I’m gonna assume if you’re reading this, you’ve already seen the episode so I won’t bother describing anything too much.

Anyway, I watched the re-cap episode before the actual premier started, which naturally ended with Juliet wacking the bomb until it exploded.  It was a bit funny because the episode started immediately after that with the “Previously on Lost” bit featuring that very scene.  It got even weirder when they replayed it AGAIN after the opening credits.

Speaking of weird, I’m wondering what the deal is with the new flashes.  I know it’s some sort of alternate time-line, but to what end?  Is it going on simultaneously with everything we see now?  Will the two converge somehow?  Or is it JUST an alternate time-line Juliet created when she detonated the bomb?  (It reminds me a lot of Dragonball Z when Trunks came back and said he couldn’t change his time-line but wanted at least ONE universe that would be safe.  Yes, I just referenced Dragonball Z.  Sue me.)  I also wonder if that’s what Juliet meant by “It worked.”

Speaking of Juliet, I couldn’t help but think “Dammit Scott!  It’s your fault Jean’s dead!  I oughtta gut ya’!” when Sawyer got all pissy with Jack.  Think by season’s end we’ll hear something like “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU HURLEY!”?

John Locke 2.0 (AKA THE DEVIL) is pretty badass.  I still have hope that John 1.0 will come back to life somehow and knife the smoke monster in the back.  We’ll see.

I was kinda glad to see some of the old characters again…until Arzt showed up again.  Well, at least Boone left Shannon in Sydney in this reality.  Small favors, right?  Honestly, I really don’t care about this tangent universe or whatever.  I just wanna see what happens to Jacob and Devil-Locke.

I doubt I bother blogging about this once a week (I used to do it about Heroes, but it got old quick), but I was happy to see the show finally return so I thought I’d talk about it for a bit.  We’ll see what happens.

Until then, I leave you with this (not by me, but it seemed appropriate):