That could easily be the longest blog title ever written.  Fitting, because this is probably the longest movie ever produced.  Remember how I complained the last Digimon movie was too short?  This one has the exact opposite problem.  More on that in a minute.

The film starts off with a soundtrack that sounds like it would be more at home in an episode of Trigun.  This quickly gives way to the typical Digimon opening theme…which then quickly returns to the Trigunesque soundtrack.  It doesn’t seem TOO weird until the fighting starts.  I’m not sure if it was the quality of my video file or what, but the music really overplayed the effects of each fight scene.  It doesn’t help that it as an especially out of place jazz soundtrack (Think something along the lines of Cowboy Bebop only somehow more mellow).

Soundtrack aside, this movie is friggin’ WEIRD.  I mean, where the hell did Walrus *ahem*Wallace come from?  Was he meant to be a digi-destined in the first season?  Why didn’t he get summoned to the digital world?  What exactly happened to Chocomon to make it go crazy?  Why does he speak Japanese to Terriermon?  None of these questions are answered in the flick, and none of the new characters make an appearance in the series (or oddly even in the next movie).

You may remember me mentioning that my favorite Digimon was always Angemon.  This movie is the only thing that shows him having a mega form, but it’s not even worth the time.  He stays in it for all of half a minute before getting clobbered by Cherubimon.  Lame fan-service is lame.

Now, this movie clocks in at about an hour, but I really wish it was shorter.  One of the oddest things about the movie is all the standing around.  Seriously, mid-fight, the characters stop to stare at Wendigomon several times while lamenting about whether or not they should kill it.  And the original digi-destined get captured so they can, that’s right, stare at each other in subspace.  Fun.

The only good thing about the flick?

Gargomon. An adorable bunny with Gatling guns for hands. Oh yeah.

Even then, you can just watch season three if you wanna see Gargomon do something awesome.  I really can’t recommend this one.   It’s just too slow and painful to watch.