Why am I taking a week to review old Digimon movies?  I don’t even have an answer for you.  I was feeling nostalgic and went to track down the seasons of the show.  I didn’t find those, but I did find subtitled versions of each movie.  Like a lot of people, I started out with the Fox Kids version of the series.  It was pretty good for a dub at its time and didn’t edit out TOO much.  Unfortunately, since the first movie (really a combination of three movies that each didn’t run much longer then an average episode) bombed at the box office (at least compared to the Pokemon movie), we never saw the others released in the states.  I thought it would be a nice cure for my nostalgia and be incentive for anyone else that might want to check these out.

Onward to the first review!

Digimon Adventure

If I could summarize the entire thing in a really dumb way, it would probably be this: “Taichi and Hikari find a Botamon and have to feed it and clean up its poop.”  The first Digimon movie reminds me a lot more of the original Digimon Tamagachi spin-off games then the actual series did for that reason.   Trust me, there’s a little more to it then that, but those scenes really stood out to me.

Now, this movie isn’t really necessary if you watched the first season of the show.  The main plot points are covered during the later arcs of the season.  However, I’d still give it a recommendation.  The animation quality is much better (as is normally true with most anime films), and it has a much different pacing from the show.

Taichi and Hikari’s antics are flat-out adorable.  If you don’t “daww” at Hikari trying to communicate via whistle, you should probably get your soul checked.  It gets even better when Botamon shows up.  When the action inevitably gets underway, you really start rooting for Greymon (Not the same one from the show.  This one looks more like a t-rex…which is awesome.)  It’s pretty amazing how Toei was able to get you attached to characters like that in just a 20 minute span.

Best scene?

I cried like a bitch. Damn you, nostalgia!

This flick did scratch my Digimon itch, but it really just made me want to re-visit those characters all the more.  Hopefully, I’ll accomplish that by watching “Our War Game!”