Originally posted Friday, January 26, 2007

I had a great idea today while seeing an ad for the upcoming Eddie Murphy epic Norbit…Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers should make a movie together.  They can each play every part in the movie, including the main character, the extras, the love interest, and the villain.  Think about the possibilities!  Say, Mike Myers character is a scientist, trying to clone Eddie Murphy.  But something goes wrong, Eddie’s DNA gets spliced with Myers own, making him transform into Eddie Murphy!  This naturally happens at the worst possible times, like when he’s trying to sleep with his girlfriend (Played by Myers), or when he’s giving his new presentation to his mentor (Played by Murphy).  The villain would be Eddie Murphy, playing himself, who steals the formula, and splices his DNA with the real Mike Myers (also being played by Eddie Murphey), making him the funniest man in the known universe.  These cloned guys have a hilarious food fight or something, until scientist Myers’ girlfriend steps in, convincing him to just “Be himself.”  Finally, the real Eddie Murphy gets locked up, and Myers gets cured.  End Credits.