My houseman told me last night about a guy that was in prison for 12 years that had been paralyzed the whole time.  Something happened and they rush him to the hospital.  On the way there, he pulled out a gun and made the guard give him his clothes.  He proceeded to run out of the ambulance.  After the shock wore off, they eventually caught the guy.  This guy has the fine makings of a classic super villain.  I mean, 12 years?  That’s dedication.  The hilarious thing is that it didn’t work anyway.  Good thing Superman was around to catch him.

Last night, I got a phone call from an older guest saying “Yeah, there’s a guy running around up here butt naked.”  I was by myself, so I had to figure out what to do.  I told the guy I’d head up there.  I quickly grabbed a blanket out of the back and headed up to their floor.  I looked near the room but there was noone there.  I searched the stairwells and the upper floors as well, but with no luck.  I called the room back and they said he had stopped banging on doors, so they assumed he found his room.  I’m not sure what I would have done exactly?  Maybe threw the blanket on him like a net?  Then dragged him back downstairs to interrogate him?  Knowing my luck, he was probably ugly anyway.  I probably lucked out.