I’m typing this based off a note I quickly wrote to myself that consists of “Sallie Mae sober from mamaw.”

Oh yeah, I need to go pay some on my student loan.

Interesting trivia about me:  I first learned what the word “sober” meant when I went with my parents to pick up my grandmother (the one on my dad’s side that I never see) once.  I tried to ask her something when she got in the car, and my mom quickly said “Wait until she’s sober, ok?”  I’m sure my mom loved explaining that one.

I don’t even know why I mentioned that.  It was just a random thought that popped in my head and I thought it would be neat to share.

I saw Daybreakers the other day.  It was ok.  It wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be (The ending took away from it a bit), but I’d still recommend seeing it at least once.  I mean, it DOES have Sam Neill as a vampire.

I think Sam Neill should play a vampire in every movie he’s in now.  Including the oft-rumored Jurassic Park sequel.  I can picture it now…

Malcolm:  “Hey Grant, we haven’t seen you in a while.  What happened?”

Grant:  “Well, I can only come out at night now.  Hey, I’m thirsty.”

And then there were vampire raptors.

It would have made the crappy Super NES game a lot more entertaining.   (Instead of going into that lame first-person mode when you enter a building, it would have just had you play a level of Castlevania).

I think this is the most abstract blog I’ve written in a long while.  I’m kinda proud of it.